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We, Liquiair Equipment & Systems, are a well-known supplier and manufacturer of various Mechanical Seal, Automatic Drain Valve, Fine Filter, Air Filter, Industrial Chiller, PPR Pipe, Air Compressor, Air Receiver Tank, etc. We were founded as a Partnership firm in West Bengal, India, in 2021. We are a renowned name in the world of industrial products and equipment. It is a partnership firm offering various products and equipment for compressed air systems. As a result of our experience installing pneumatic pipelines, we are constantly prepared to offer our clients the best service possible.

In conclusion, we want to do everything we can to meet the needs of our esteemed customers. Our capable team is constantly prepared to provide services to meet the customer's needs without suffering. In other words, our sole goal is to win our client's trust by offering them the greatest solution. As a service provider, we further offer Seals Installation Service, Pipeline Installation Service, Aluminum Piping System Service, etc.

Our Mission, Values, and Vision

  • Our mission is to offer our customers the highest caliber services and products. We provide our clients with expertise, cutting-edge concepts, and value-added services. Our goal is to satisfy every customer's need across all segments.
  • Our vision is to completely satisfy every customer by providing the highest-rated quality products and services while providing outstanding customer service. Concerning Mechanical Seals, Fine Filters, Industrial Chillers, Air Compressors, etc., we are offering our clients access to our experience and knowledge in these fields in all industries.
  • We prioritize satisfying our clients by meeting their needs, ensuring timely delivery, and providing them with the best service possible. We also prioritize respecting their valuable time.

What We Offer

First, our business has provided various products for use in compressed air systems and other sectors. To offer our clients Compact Designed, Reliability, Quality Assurance, Energy Efficient Equipment/Systems, and Low-Cost Maintenance, we have partnered with some Leading Branded OEMs.

Our Services

Most importantly, our business is exceptionally skilled in this area. We frequently install various systems using compressed air, so we are already experts in compressed air piping. Additionally, we also work on the water pipeline project.
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