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Air Compressor

Air compressor generates potential energy by pressing atmospheric air and then stores in the tank. The compressed air is stored for later use. It works just like combustion engine. Tools and equipment that require more power can be operated by this system.

Air Dryer

An air dryer in the industrial setting is essential to remove excess moisture from the air so that there is no water build up, corrosion, freezing or microbial growth. This system is used in food processing, beverage, pharmaceutical, electronic and many other industries.

Air Receiver Tank

Anyone can lower the pressure on the air compressor by using a reservoir called air receiver tank. This tank holds the compressed air for emergency demands. It also cools the air for removing water from the compressor system.

Industrial Chiller

We provide water-cooled type industrial chiller for applications that heats machinery. The purpose of this chiller is to circulate the liquid to move heat from one location to another. By removing heat in the processes, one can prevent equipment shutdown or failure.

Pipeline Installation Service

During the installation of pipeline, the team at our company plans for the best installation method based on several factors. Many customers have trusted our pipeline installation service in the past and we strive to continue providing this service to existing and new customers.

Seals Installation Service

Proper installation of mechanical seals ensures zero leakage. This installation must be done by professionals which is why we provide seals installation service.

Mechanical Seal

Mechanical seal is used in rotating shaft to provide a seal to prevent any kind of leakage of pumped fluid. There are rotating and stationary rings on the mechanical seal on the shaft and pump housing, respectively.

Automatic Drain Valve

A compressed air system is incomplete without automatic drain valve that is designed to eliminate water and compressor lubricants. This valve is thus used in systems used in areas, like machine shops, auto repair shops, HVAC system, chemical plant, paint shop, etc.

Fine Filter

Buy from us fine filter made from aluminium. This easy to assemble filter is used in several industrial applications for its fine filtering capability, moisture resistance, and ability to be cleaned and washed.

Air Filter

When liquid aerosols and droplets are separated from a gas, the technique is called coalescing. The coalescing air filter is designed for this process. It successfully removes liquid droplets from air.

Aluminum Piping System Service

Under our aluminum piping system service, our team lays down a piping system made from aluminium to convey compressed air that is better than SS, GI or MS piping system. The piping system is leakage free, contamination free and non-corrosive.

PPR Pipe

Wherever there is a central heating system, the pipes used in the system are called PPR pipes. Such pipes are designed to supply both, cold and hot water. Polypropylene is used as a raw material in the manufacturing of such pipes.

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